Owly Dave CDs

Available by post. Postage and packing £1.50. Please contact me to order.

Owly Dave, CD released December 2017. Running time 43 mins. £10

track 1    Come on Davy Crockett
track 2    Peter’s dream
track 3    Family Roque
track 4    Perfect wedding
track 5    Inner peace
track 6    The little man who taught us how to fly
track 7    Some folk
track 8    Susie’s tune
track 9    Os cisnes
track 10  The flying paramedic
track 11  Girl in Umbrete
track 12  Endangered

Whistling Paddy & Owly Dave, CD released December 2017. Running time 32 mins. £8
track 1    Da slockit light (Tom Anderson)
track 2    Royal Belfast hornpipe (traditional)
track 3    Staverton waltz
track 4    Enrico & Gypsey’s hornpipe (traditional) LIVE at the Crabshell Inn.
track 5    Granada overnight
track 6    There goes Charlie
track 7    The Devon marches
track 8    Give me your hand (traditional)
track 9    The Tee-totaller & St Anne’s reel (traditional)
track 10  Planxty Fanny Powers (traditional)
track 11  Just can’t pee

Beautiful Ocean, CD released May 2015. £5
track 1  Beautiful ocean
track 2  Portugal by night
track 3  Custodians of the countryside
track 4  English summer
track 5  The owls of Coruche
track 6  Greeny blue

Reaching for the Sky, CD released December 2014. £5

track 1  Reaching for the sky
track 2  There goes Charlie
track 3  Jaine the gardener
track 4  There’s a problem with my Brian
track 5  Kissing on a train
track 6  Only just fourteen