Music Links

Through playing at various acoustic music clubs and folk clubs I’ve discovered some great new music and met some lovely people.

I especially like the music of singer/songwriter Dave Holliday. His wonderful CD has brought me so much pleasure. Susie and Bill Trezise (Harpingmad) have also become good friends since Susie played accordion on my instrumental track The owls of Coruche and I wrote The Meavy panto song for them.

Our long-standing and exceptionally tall friend Paddy Reardon (x Mrs Crotty’s Ceilidh Band) plays whistle on live performances of There goes Charlie and our daughter’s partner Maz, whose voice I love, sings A little romance , The flying paramedic, and Nasty blue with me. Many other friends and acquaintances have either joined in or supported my songwriting – thank you all!

I sometimes play backing guitar for ‘Whistling Paddy‘ in live performances and we have a few traditional whistle tunes on Youtube such as Enrico and the Gypsey’s Hornpipe.

Last but not least, our muti-talented daughter Jasmin is a very original singer-songwriter with a wonderful CD called Echoes. Jasmin’s CD was recorded, and my EP’s were kindly mastered, by Steven Hill (of Evi Vine fame) in London.

Barn Owl Links

Through our work with the Barn Owl Trust, Jaine and I have met a lot of wonderful people, some of whom have become very special friends including: the brains behind, Simon Roper. We’ve also got to know Prof. Graham Martin from Birmingham University, John and Wendy Lightfoot from the Shropshire Barn Owl Group and Chris Sperring from the Hawk and Owl Trust.

Internationally, close friends include Ines Roque who works with Barn Owls in Portugal on behalf of the Lab of Ornithology, Akos Klein who runs the Barn Owl Foundation in Hungary, and Inigo Fajardo who now trains Wildlife Police on behalf of the Andalusian Government in Spain.

We’ve also met some wonderful wildlife artists and photographers including the lovely Dick Twinney and fantastic BOT supporter and thoroughly nice guy Kevin Keatley.