Flight has always fascinated me. As a boy, I watched birds and aeroplanes at every opportunity and my hobbies included archery and flying model aeroplanes. I took up microlight flying in 2006 and gained my pilots licence in 2008. I flew happily for ten years but by 2019 I had virtually given up. Burning fossil fuel mainly for fun just doesn’t seem justifiable any more given the fact that we are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Back in 2015 I wrote a song about my flying instructor.

Here’s a video by one of my passengers – Ben Collins

Image no is D090809_followed by the four digits in the image title . David Ramsden, co-founder of and Senior Conservation Officer at the Barn Owl Trust, Ashburton, Devon, England, assembles and flies his Pegasus Quantum 15 microlight from Holwell Downs, near Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Dartmoor, Devon. © photographer Neil Lindsay 2009.

© photographer Neil Lindsay 2009.

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I took my mum up when she was 88 years old. Jacob was a great help!

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Above the clouds…

Above the clouds 250411

Chesil beach, Dorset…

Jurassic Coast Chesil Beach 130614

My landing place comes into view…

Approaching home

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