With my lovely partner Jaine and four others, we founded the Barn Owl Trust as a registered charity in 1988. This came about through the marriage of two interests: my interest in birds and nature conservation, and Jaine’s interest in environmental education and the green movement.

I have loved music and flight since childhood and I’m a passionate environmentalist. Day-to-day (apart from the Barn Owl Trust), a lot of my time is taken up with the inevitable domestics, DIY, helping manage our outdoor space, and helping to look after our numerous animals. Almost every day we walk our wonderful dogs: Maizie and her daughter Frankie.

Image number D020813_followed by the four digits in the image title. The Barn Owl Trust celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the Dartmoor Lodge Hotel on Friday 2nd August 2013 with a evening of acoustic music. Image copyright Neil Lindsay, Wadebridge Cornwall. tel/fax 01208 813553. Mobile 07767 784259. e: neil.lindsay2@gmail.com

Image copyright Neil Lindsay

I am extremely lucky to have met Jaine in 1984 and have the most fantastic family: our son Jacob with his lovely partner Ali who produced our first grandchild Elijah and third grandson Noah, and our daughter Jasmin who, with her lovely partner Maz, produced our second grandson Nathaniel and first granddaughter Lumin. Without Jaine the most amazing experiences of my life would not have happened and the Barn Owl Trust would never have been created.

I’ve been employed by the Barn Owl Trust since 1990 and currently head its small Conservation Team. I am the principal author of the Barn Owl Conservation Handbook and received an MBE for ‘services to wildlife’ from HRH Queen Elizabeth II in 2007. Here’s my profile on the Barn Owl Trust website.

In October 2018 I was shocked to read the IPCC’s ‘1.5oC’ Report on climate change. My reaction was to bury my head in scientific reports, papers, and presentations, for six months. I finally emerged in March 2019, determined to DO SOMETHING in the face of impending catastrophe and became an activist with Extinction Rebellion, sometimes acting (in a personal capacity) as a spokesperson. Here is my August 2019 Court Statement.

I have created a presentation entitled ‘Climate and Ecological Crisis? What’s all the fuss about?’ which has a dedicated facebook page and a webpage.

I’m quite active on Facebook and, for those interested in acoustic music, I have an Owly Dave page too. 

My email address is owlydave@nullgmail.com

Thanks for visiting my website!

David x


My immediate family in 1919 (before Noah was born) left to right – Ali, Elijah, Jacob, Jaine, me, Maz, Nate, Jasmin, and Lumin with our dogs Maizie and Frankie.


Outsite City Magistrates Court on 16th August 2019