With Jaine’s help, we’ve produced two six-track Owly Dave EP’s:  Reaching for the sky and Beautiful ocean. They are £5 each plus p&p.

Since 2012 I have written over 50 songs, most of which you can find on my YouTube channel.

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Here’s some of my recent songs on YouTube:

‘Granada overnight’ is based on a little tune I wrote during and just after a short visit to Spain with Jaine in April 2017 to see our good friend Inigo Fajardo and the new lady in his life Gemma Adan. The four of us stayed overnight in Granada and visited the wonderful Alhambra palaces and gardens – hence the song title and source of most of the photos in the YouTube slideshow. Our good and exceedingly tall friend Paddy Reardon added a whistle solo and also a bit of whistle on the intro and ending that he helped arrange (thanks Paddy!).

‘Come on Davy Crockett’  is about being a little kid in the 60’s in a family that didn’t have a car. That’s what my dad used to say to me when he was encouraging me to keep up with him. Why he never wanted to walk at my speed remains a mystery. It’s a situation-song rather than a story-song. The verses could be in any order and it wouldn’t really make any difference.

‘Os Cisnes’ (‘The Swans’ in Portuguese) was inspired by our visit(s) to Portugal to see our friends Inês and Normando who live near Coruche – a town east of Lisbon on the River Sorraia.
There are virtually no Mute Swans in Portugal. I wrote this instrumental and a verse inspired by the area, then just had the idea of a Portuguese Lady who imagines that swans only appear at night when everyone is asleep. Inês and her mum Piedade Roque kindly added some beautiful spoken words and Janna Bulmer (who played cello on ‘Inner peace’) kindly added a wonderful soprano part.

In 2016 our friend Susie Trezise said I she would love to hear the sound of her harp and my Portuguese guitar together, so, I wrote and recorded ‘Susie’s tune’. Susie helped with the final arrangement and writing out a score. Paddy kindly added a little low-D whistle.

‘Taken in your prime’ was inspired by the tragic death of Anne Darby but it’s not about Anne. It’s simply an expression of early-stage bereavement.

‘Peter’s Dream’ is an instrumental containing two little songs, one from the point of view of Peter’s young wife and one about their little boy:



Here’s a song I published on YouTube in November 2015 with harp and vocal harmony by the lovely Susie Trezise (of Harpingmad) and graphics by Frances Jaine:

‘Endangered’ was covered by fab folk duo Baron Brady in 2017:

‘Inner peace’ is about a deep, almost obsessive, love of music:


This one is dedicated to my Flight Instructor Pete Cummings:

Ana Roque
, whose voice I absolutely love, is a professional Fado singer in Portugal. Although we’ve never met, her sister Inês is a good friend of ours…

If you like Ana’s voice, you will probably love this!

When I go out playing, the song I’m most often asked to play is this one…

To hear more of my songs please visit my YouTube channel. Thanks for listening!